Hospital Elevators

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  • Hospital Elevators

    We choose rare earth material and fully combine coaxial transmission technology and digital variable frequency technology with group computer combined control technology. With less running cost & less energy dissipated. Compared with the ordinary and traditional technology, gearless traction machine can save more than 40% of the energy. Gearless traction machine needs no renewal of lubricant. The motor low noise, quiet & natural.

    Product Suitability

    Commercial, Residential, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping mall, Office building, Airport , Culture and physical building, Others

    1. Persons:6-21
    2. Speed:1.0-7.0m/s
    3. Load:450kg / 630kg / 800kg / 1000kg / 1150kg / 1350kg / 1600kg
    4. Traction machine: Gearless
    5. Machine Roomless(MRL) / Small Machine Room(MR)